Company History

Energia Tech

Energia Tech is a privately held, limited company registered in Bratislava, Slovak Republic.


Energia Tech was originally founded in 2006 under the name "EcoDuna s.r.o." to serve as project vehicle for Algae Cultivation Technology and related Biodiesel Technology and the Biomass industry.

"Eco" is derived from ecology, "Duna" is borrowed from the name of the ancient Goddess of the life-giving River Duna (since known as The Danube).


Kurt C. Holecek joined the company in 2008 as Head of Biofuel Technology.

Mr. Holecek brought with him a general licence for the original Energea GmbH Biodiesel Technology as well as a "ready-to-sign" order for a 50TPD basic engineering project for India.

In November 2011 Mr. Holecek took leadership of the company via a management buyout, re-launching the Ltd. company under the present name, Energia Tech s.r.o.