Consulting Services

Process Design

Our main role in upgrading, expanding or in the construction of a new facility is the process design itself – also know as a "basic engineering package".

This package spans from block diagram and process flow diagrams, to mass balance, process flows/chemical pipe list, detailed process description and also specification of key equipments.

Technical Assessment

We can study and report on the technological position of a given facility. From there we can point out eventual differences to state-of-the-art practices. This has helped clients identify the most promising potentials or areas of improvement.

Trouble Shooting

Sometimes a look from a fresh angle helps in identifying bottle-necks in flow or eliminating quality issues.

As the tricks-of-the-trade in biodiesel production are not (yet) text-book knowledge, more often than not we have been able to rectify long-standing issues that simply "came along with the technology".

For that Energia Tech draws from years of field experience across a wide variety of facilities, countries and climates.


For improvement on a larger scale, we are adept at engineering and carefully planning the implementation of entire up-grading projects with minimal disruption to the existing production.

The upgrade could encompass better yields, improved reaction quality, reduced consumption & cost or a wider range of acceptable inputs.

This size of investment often begins with a comparative study of the cost/revenue improvements achievable.


We can train qualified staff (technicians & skilled labor levels) on-site for efficient, reliable and well-documented operations either for new facilities or within the scope of a turn-around effort.

Technical Management / Turn Around

We are available to provide interim technical management or – under collaboration with partners – full, over-all contract management of facilities. These form of arrangements sometimes help to assemble project teams, ease the mitigation of risks associated with new ventures or changes, or for turning around a biodiesel investment.